Racks for Sun Mass Storage box - vendor?

Racks for Sun Mass Storage box - vendor?

Post by Lee C. Brin » Sat, 05 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have a Sun Mass Stoage box. For those of you who've never seen one of
these before its a rack shell standing about 5' and roughly 2'x2'

Currently this box has no racks in it and I'd like to get some for it.
Blackbox makes racks but from the pictures in the catalog I do not
believe they will work in this rack unit.

Since Sun does not make racks for this unit (Or so says the Sun rep) I
need to find a 3rd party vendor. Below are the rough specifications for
the rack system. If anyone knows a vendor that makes something like this
I'd appreciate the info.


Rack Specs:

In the fornt of the unit is two mount strips at a right angle to each
other.I have mounting holes facing me (When I face the unit) and
mounting holes facing perpendicular and behind the forward facing holes.

The gap between the two front mount strips is roughly 19" and the
distance between the front and rear mount strips is roughly 24".

The mounting strips in the rear of the box face perpendicular to the
mounting holes facing me in the from.

If more information is needed, do not hesitate to contact me.


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