Anyone have written devices/drivers/module on solaris 2.6?

Anyone have written devices/drivers/module on solaris 2.6?

Post by ¥é¥í » Mon, 11 May 1998 04:00:00

        Dear folks,
                as title, Has anyone ever written the DLPI driver/modules?
        If you did, please give me a message. I've some questions about
                I would be much appreciated recieving your reply.

        Stewart H.




1. HELP: Writing a module/driver in Solaris 2.6

Hi, please help me with this problem. I'm writing a module/driver in
Solaris 2.6 environment.

I'm using "modload" command to load my module. But its showing "module
can not be loaded: Bad address". And in the console its giving me

_info() not defined properly
_init() not defined properly

My module name is "loop" and my loop.c file has the following

struct module_info info = {
  0, "loop",1, 512, 65536, 1024

struct qinit rinit = { /* Read side init structure */

struct qinit winit = { /* Write side init structure */

struct streamtab loopinfo = { /* Table of loop stream */
  NULL, /* Lower side init structures, not available in this driver */

I have used the following commands to create the compile and link the module

gcc -O -D_KERNEL -DDEBUG -I/usr/include -c loop.c

ld -r loop.o

**** modload suggested me to used "ld -r", but its creating a non-executable file.

Please someone help me. What did I do wrong?

Thanks for reading my note.


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