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>reading up on split where you just shoot a file to pieces, but
>i think i'm missing something on how to re-assemble the file.

>if you cat file1 file2 file3 > newfile and look at the checksum,
>it looks kinda strange.  maybe off by a few.  is this normal?

It should be the same.  What do you see if you do "diff file newfile"?


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1. To split or not to split?

OK, here's what I got:

A3500 controller with 2 D1000 trays....(what Sun likes to call a 3500

Is it better to split the trays or not?  Eg., move the DIP switch so
that the tray is, in effect, 2 6disk trays?  Any benifit?  The
controllers will be active/active.

This will be a big fat 360gb mirror for Oracle, so 11 disks in tray 0
will be striped and mirrored with 11 disks in tray1 via RM6, with two
hotspares.  Yeah, I know, it's overkill, but those are the requirements.

(I almost had to kill Oracle engineers to aviod 11 individual mirrored


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