share_nfs problem with both ro= and rw=

share_nfs problem with both ro= and rw=

Post by Francois Perrucho » Sat, 20 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I would like to share a filesystem via NFS. There should be
exactly two hosts allowed access: One of them read-write, the
other read-only. According to the share_nfs(1M) man page this
should be possible (or at least that's the impression I got).

Ok, I tried to set it up this way, but it did not work.
The NFS server is nol2183, the two NFS clients are nol2149 and

(nol2183:root) ~ # share -F nfs -orw=nol2149,ro=nol2372 /mnt1
(nol2183:root) ~ # share | grep /mnt1
-               /mnt1   rw=nol2149,ro=nol2372   ""  
(nol2183:root) ~ #

(nol2149:root) # mount -F nfs nol2183:/mnt1 /mnt
nfs mount: nol2183:/mnt1: access denied

(nol2372:root) ~ # umount /mnt
(nol2372:root) ~ # mount -F nfs nol2183:/mnt1 /mnt
(nol2372:root) ~ # pwd >/mnt/tmp/foo$$
bash: /mnt/tmp/foo374: Read-only file system

I end up with the read-only client nol2372 getting the file system (fine),
but the read-write client cannot do its mount!!
Can my requirement be fulfilled and if yes, how?
(We are running Solaris 2.3)


Francois Perruchoud  

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