Yet another bad Vold bug in S8/S9...

Yet another bad Vold bug in S8/S9...

Post by Fredrik Lundho » Tue, 18 Feb 2003 22:53:57

Sun has made a CD with mainframe rehosting whitepapers
named: WE340-0/500 (11/01)

System reqiurements listed are 'web browser and a utility to read pdf-files
and a compatible media player'

Naturally Vold in Solaris 8 and 9 refuses to mount the disc. However
it is possible to manually mount it as root.

Can someone in Sun make sure we can access your important information
properly so that we can begin to replace those big IBM dinosaurs!?

Its pretty distasteful that a CD describing how to rehost IBM
environments cannot be accessed from a Sun computer.
Maybe it's intentional!?

Fredrik Lundholm  


1. S8 & S9 x86: vold fails to mount cdrom media containing valid fdisk information

Is the following a known bug?

On Solaris x86 (8 & 9) "vold" sometimes does not mount
ISO9660 cdrom media that contains a valid fdisk master
boot record / partition table.

For example, CDROMs produced by mkisofs 2.0 with the "-hfs"
option (hybrid ISO9660 + Apple HFS CD) contain a valid fdisk
signature word at the end of the first 512 bytes on CD.

To reproduce the problem, prepare a CD-R / CD-RW with a
valid fdisk signature, either

- use mkisofs (2.0) and cdrecord to create a CD-R / CD-RW
  containing a hybrid ISO9600 / Apple HFS filesystem

    % mkdir iso-source
    % echo "hello, world" > iso-source/hello.txt
    % mkisofs -o test.iso -hfs iso-source
    % cdrecord dev=X,Y,0 test.iso

- or copy an ordinary ISO9660 CD, adding the 0x55 0xaa
  fdisk signature bytes before writing

    % dd if=/vol/dev/aliases/cdrom0 of=cdimg.iso bs=32k
    % echo '1fe?w aa55' | adb -w cdimg.iso -
    % cdrecord dev=X,Y,0 cdimg.iso

To reproduce the problem:

1. start a fresh copy of vold

   # /etc/init.d/volmgt stop
   # /etc/init.d/volmgt start

2. insert the CD prepared above, the one with the valid
   fdisk signature bytes

   The CD is *not* mounted by vold; the device
   /vol/dev/aliases/cdrom0 is created, but reading from it
   returns no data:

     % od -xc /vol/dev/aliases/cdrom0

   (since the device cannot be read, rmmount is unable to
   identify a filesystem format and mount the media)

3. Eject the test CD and insert a normal ISO9660 CD, one
   without valid fdisk signature:

     % eject cdrom0

     <insert normal cd>

   vold will mount such a cd without problems

4. Eject the normal CD, and re-insert the "fdisk test cd"

   Now vold will mount the cd, that was rejected in step 2.

The problem cannot be reproduced on Solaris SPARC.

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