Teapot Spreadsheet Release 0.5

Teapot Spreadsheet Release 0.5

Post by Michael Haar » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

This is release 0.5 of teapot (Table Editor And Planner, Or: Teapot),
a spread sheet program.  As the version number indicates, teapot does
not offer all functionality which is commonly wanted yet and it needs
public testing.  Several people already use it for daily work now,

The current release has the following features:

o  curses based user interface with easy to understand menues
o  portable sheet file format uses XDR or ASCII format
o  tbl, LaTeX, HTML or formatted text files can be generated and simple
   sc sheets can be converted into teapot format
o  typed expression evaluator with the types int, float, string, error,
   pointer to cell and empty
o  powerful cell addressing
o  three-dimensional sheets
o  new expression evaluator functions can be added very easy
o  English or German builtin messages & X/OPEN message catalogs
o  a user guide, available as troff -mm, PostScript and ASCII

The following changes compared to version 0.4 were made:

o  sub shell
o  powerful interactive go-to command
o  type-ahead optimisation can be switched off
o  typo in*output fixed
o  support for loading simple SC sheets
o  ctos() has been renamed to string() and it can also convert a
   floating point value to a string now.
o  stof() has been renamed to float()
o  int() has two optional parameters, which determine float->int conversion
   for negative and positive values
o  New attribute: ignore causes an empty cell value, useful for quick
   what-if decisions in combination with the min/max functions
o  A - will be output as a minus, -- will be output as hyphen
o  The manual is (hopefully) more comprehensive now, although still not yet
o  Now you can not only change a cell label, but also optionally change all
   occurences of it in expressions.
o  HTML output added (untested)

teapot should work on any system which supports the following:

o  XDR library (source is free available)
o  SYSV curses library (ncurses is a free clone)
o  X/OPEN message catalogs (optionally)

teapot is available via anonymous ftp from cantor.informatik.rwth-aachen.de,
path pub/unix/teapot-*.tz, packed as GNU zipped tar file.



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What's New in Version 0.5

No more crash due to repeated cut and paste

Better behaviour when resized

text black on white rather than black on grey

better scrollbar behaviour (still some small problems)

no more crash at opening when a cell refer to another worksheet

inserting a sheet actives the new sheet

saving of the last active sheet and restoring

fig output more complete (exact color mach and filled rectangles)

defaut print of the entire worksheet if no cells selected

no more crash due to activation of function that need a selection and
there is no selection

sum, sort ascending and descending buttons (take care to circular
references when you sort... infinite loop)

indicator of the # of lines read when opening a file

print dialog under construction

import and export of Tab separated files improved.

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