Filesystem-dump on Solaris 8

Filesystem-dump on Solaris 8

Post by Alexandra Odenth » Sun, 29 Jul 2001 19:48:37


I need to dump my filesystem on a Solaris 8. I want to haye a singel dump of
each partition. Any idees how to do this??

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1. ufsdump 0f /dir/filesystem.dump /filesystem requires second tape?

When I do
ufsdump 0f /dir/filesystem.dump /filesystem
on a large filesystem, it tells me that I need a second tape.

Then I use
ufsdump 0cf /dir/filesystem.dump /filesystem
and it seems to work. But I think it still has a limit there.
Is there a option to tell ufsdump it is a filesystem, not a tape,
so that there would not be a second tape? Thanks.
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