lp problem with remote printers

lp problem with remote printers

Post by Stefan Pokorny (+49 2203 601 24 » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 16:08:53

Since we upgraded from Solaris 2.2 to 2.3 we are having problems with
remote printer access to bsd systems. The lpNet log file says "connection
failed" and retrys permanently.

Has someone an idea why this might happen. (I applied all the Solaris 2.3
recommended patches)

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1. lp printing to remote printer problem

I have a printing problem with sol 2.6.  The print jobs are spooled to a
printer 100 miles away from the Sun.  We are using tcp/ip over a 256kp
connection.  The printer is a Lexmark 1855n, networked with a 10bt
card.  The printer works fine with Data General DG/UX and from PCs.  It
also works fine with a local Sun 450.  Part of the time the print jobs
come with no problems but if it is a large job or there are mulitiple
jobs in the q it hangs and will not print.  Today the jobs show in
lpstat and after a few minutes instead of printing they just go away.
These are postscript jobs.

Other times when I have watched everything the job will begin to spool
to the printer and the printer buffer will act as if it is getting the
job and then the job will time-out.  Usually when it tries again it will

Any ideas?

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