Good (cheap) DB for Cold Fusion under Solaris?

Good (cheap) DB for Cold Fusion under Solaris?

Post by Prentiss Ridd » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00

This has got to be a frequently asked question, but I can't find a
canned answer anyplace, so it here it comes again:

What affordable database solutions are recommended for use with Cold
Fusion for Solaris?

After some digging on the Allaire website I found the following note on
database compatibility in the forthcoming CF 4.0 release (see

    ColdFusion uses 32-bit ODBC drivers to communicate with a
    wide variety of relational database systems. ColdFusion Server
    for Solaris uses ODBC to connect to databases. It ships with
    latest Intersolv ODBC database drivers version 3.11 for UNIX:
        - DB2
        - DBASE
        - FoxPro
        - Informix
        - OpenIngres
        - Oracle
        - Sybase SQL Server
        - Sybase System 10,11
        - Text Files

    ColdFusion includes native database drivers for the following
        - Oracle 7.3 - requires Oracle 7.3.3 client
        - Oracle 8.0 - requires Oracle client
        - Sybase System 11 - requires Sybase 11.1.1 client libraries
          (Sybase patch ebf7729 is recommended)

Anybody know what that currently translates into in terms of specific
recommendations of good, *affordable* DB products?  We should qualify
for educational pricing if that makes a difference.

Thanks.  (Note followups limited to two newsgroups.)

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