Trace on Server Disk Requests

Trace on Server Disk Requests

Post by Dr. Chi Chi Hu » Sat, 12 Mar 1994 11:31:27

Does anyone know how I can trace all the disk resquests and place them
in a file? That is, for each request (read, write, address, ..., numbers
of bytes read/write, ...) seen by the disk, I want to record them.
I know that this can be done by actually modifying the kernel program.
However, I am wondering if the O.S. already has this function?
All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

- Chi


1. Tracing disk requests in linux


I need to trace the disk request patterns of a set of application.
I need to do get the time the actual request is occurring,
how big the request is, its address, and other detail of
the request.  The more info the better.

Can this be done in linux? Are there any applications that do this.

If one doesn't exists. Can this be done in linux, and how hard would it be?
Or can it be done in another OS, more easily?

Many thanks,


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