solbook, sgml and /usr/lib/sgml/sgml2roff

solbook, sgml and /usr/lib/sgml/sgml2roff

Post by Hans Krame » Sat, 25 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Merry Christmas everybody!

I noticed that in Solaris 7 almost all the man pages are formatted in
SGML, using something SUN calls the SolBook DTD (a DocBook DTD.) I found
this quite interesting and started experimenting a bit with it,
discovering that there are still quite a few bugs in the sgml2roff
For instance the <refmiscinfo> tag doesn't interpret its class
attributes correctly (or actually ignores them at all.) Hence it is
impossible to set the section title. Furthermore, there are the usual
problems with white spaces, which the careful reader can find even in
the man pages supplied by SUN. Although it seems that SUN is serious
about SGML, I wonder if I should start writing my documentation in SGML
as well.

- Is there already a patch for sgml2roff which fixes some of the
problems described above.

- Will SUN continue development on the SolBook DTD or is this just an

- FrameMaker 5.5 + SGML, has anybody experience with this program and
can tell me it it would be a useful tool? Especially to create SolBook
man pages! Can it read in SGML and export it to for instance pdf?

Thanks a lot,

Hans Kramer

P.S. if you got any comments, please send a copy to my e-mail as well


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