need help with pkg-get and pkgadm for solaris on an Ultra Sparc 10

need help with pkg-get and pkgadm for solaris on an Ultra Sparc 10

Post by joe » Tue, 02 Dec 2003 16:43:19

I'm trying to use pkg-get and/or pkgadm on a ultra sparc 10.  When I
run the applications I get the errors below.

With pkg-get :

   ---- begin pkg-get output ----

bash-2.03# pkg-get -i textutils
WARNING: gpg not found
NOTE: To have checksums compared, you must install one of:
  md5  or gmd5sum (gmd5sum is available with GNU textutils)
  try 'pkg-get install textutils'
No existing install of SMCtextu found. Installing...
Trying ftp:///
Empty host.
error downloading ftp:///
textutils-2.0-sol8-sparc-local.gz: No such file or directory

   ---- end pkg-get output ----

With pkgadm :

   ---- begin pkgadm output ----

pkginstall: URL is
            SITE is
Items to add are vim-6.0

03:15:19 URL:*
[43453] -> "/export/home/kelly/files/apps/pkgadm-tmp/1" [1]
03:15:45 URL:
[2318823] -> "/export/home/kelly/files/apps/pkgadm-tmp/1" [1]
ERROR: download is zero length file

Press ENTER to continue

   ---- end pkgadm output ----

I'm having trouble determining what these errors mean.  If anyone
knows what they mean, or you can point me in the direction of some
good documentation I'd really appreciate the help.



need help with pkg-get and pkgadm for solaris on an Ultra Sparc 10

Post by Phil Brow » Mon, 08 Dec 2003 19:57:26

Possibly you are behind a firewall, and you havent set up the various
options for wget in your environment and/or /etc/pkg-get.conf, to have it
actually reach the external sites.

PS: unfortunately, I have kinda abandoned pkgadm for a while. I havent
touched it for a year, but I've been making ongoing refinements to pkg-get
Part of the problem is that the 'FMLI' text menu stuff is a little


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