CDE Open Terminal in File Manager

CDE Open Terminal in File Manager

Post by cesa » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I login  CDE using bash.
The problem is the following.  When a new terminal is open from File
Manager, the working directory of such a terminal window is  $HOME and
not the directory where the terminal is open from, as it should be !!

Any idea ?



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Hi Y'all,

We have CDE installed on a Solaris 2.5 machine (Sparc 20). This was a fresh
installation of a brand, spanking new machine. Under Openwindows without
CDE, I was able to use the File Manager properly. Under CDE, I get the
following messages when I try to run File Manager:

File Manipulation Error
 - Cannot read from /usr/dt/bin  (or whatever the current directory is)

I also notice that my terminal has broken pipe in PipeRead.

I also get messages like

File Manager Open Directory Error
* Invalid folder specification, /usr/dt/bin

In short, File Manager (also TrashCan) is useless under CDE since I
can't read anything, even as root.

Is there something that I have to set in terms of permission or security.
I don't have any of these problems under Openwindows.


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