Can I Metareplace?

Can I Metareplace?

Post by Duncan D. Sterlin » Fri, 15 Jul 2005 23:58:20


I have a fully populated E250 (6 internal drives), running Solaris 8.

Four of the internal drives are a RAID 5 metadevice (3 drives, 1 hot

One of the three drives that make up the RAID five device is going bad,
resulting in many SCSI device warnings going into the messages file.

However, this has not yet prompted solstice to mark the drive as bad and
swap in the hot spare.

Can I metareplace the failing drive with the hot spare, or must I wait
for solstice to do that on it's own once it decides that the drive needs
to be replaced (I can find nothing in the docs that addresses this) ?




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