How to backup HA cluster using Solstice Backup?

How to backup HA cluster using Solstice Backup?

Post by Arkadiy Goykhber » Wed, 10 Jun 1998 04:00:00

    Does anyone have any experience in setting up backups of a symmetric
HA cluster environment using Solstice Backup?
    In particular, I'm interested in how to set up backup of "shared"
    The requirements are to be able to perform backups and restores in
normal (2 node) mode and failover (1 node) mode.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


1. How to designate full backup to specific tape using Solstice Backup?

I met a problem with Solstice Backup like this: we need to bring out the
tapes containing full backup weekly. all the full backup can be stored in
one dlt7000 tape. we need to keep the data for at least one month. Can
anyone give me any suggestion on how to do this?

I find that a "group" can be designate to specific  "Pool". but when to do
full backup is defined in schedule, this is related to client. How to
designate only the full backup to "Full pool"? we need to send them to
different buiding for safety.

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