Steppwhise mouse-moving during http/ftp-transfers

Steppwhise mouse-moving during http/ftp-transfers

Post by Christian Gottschlin » Tue, 21 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi out there!

We have here a ultra-creator1 with solaris 2.5.
If someone get some files/pages from this server via
http/ftp, the mouse moves stepwhise.
Some hints?




1. how to discover uncompleted ftp/http transfers and temporary ftp accounts

basically i have two questions. using RH linux9.

if i have some one to download a file via http (apache 2.40) and the
download is aborted or in any other way not completed, how can i
discover this from the logs?

same question, only for ftp (wu-ftpd and/or vsftpd).

on the linux machine, how can i add a temporary ftp-account account that
does allow ftp, but not terminal logon?

many thanks

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