TCP/IP aliases & ifconfig under Solaris

TCP/IP aliases & ifconfig under Solaris

Post by Thomas Jun » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00


I have a netscape fasttrack web server runnning on my Solaris box. It
contains a few web sites.

For some reason, I installed a Lotus Notes Server and I would like to
use its web server (internal use only).

I created an alias with ifconfig (new ip address) and configured lotus
notes server to listen on that ip address ... but when I try to access
it, fastrack (the other one) replies....

How can I run this web server on a different IP address ?

Any answers would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance !!!
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1. ifconfig -a hangs in solaris 9 under lot of tcp/ip traffic

When I run ifconfig -a it hangs and the assoicated kernel stack trace
is something like the following :-
      Has anyone else seen something similar ? Is there a solaris
patch that addresses this ?

 ============== thread_id        30002c03260
                process args    /sbin/ifconfig -a
0x30002c03370:  lwp             procp           wchan
                30002bfb870     30002bf6a70     30002c00710
                pc              sp
str_cv_wait+0x2c(30002c00710, 30002c00708, fffffffffffffc18, 0,
100b900, 0)
strdoioctl+0x460(30002c00710, 30002c00712, 1, 30000207b08, 1, 0)
strioctl+0x10a4(30000207b08, 30002c4e378, 30002c4e468, 0, 5000, 0)
sock_ioctl+0xcec(30005946200, 40506993, 100003, 100003, 30000207b08,
ioctl+0x1f8(3, 40506993, ffbff6d0, 0, 4, ffbff6d0)
syscall_trap32+0xa8(3, 40506993, ffbff6d0, 0, 4, ffbff6d0)

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