100Mb-TX 3Com-3c905 unstability, x86 Solaris DU7

100Mb-TX 3Com-3c905 unstability, x86 Solaris DU7

Post by Kanat Alimjan » Wed, 26 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hello, All!
Does somebody find workaround to beat 3Com-3c905's unstability
I see a lot of postings about this card and driver but no answer.
It seems that 3c905 card works fine in Windows_NT so it problem
seems to be in driver code for elx.

I am testing this card on single CPU computer, Solaris 2.5.1 x86-DU7
all recommended patches applied, driver for elx is patched bye 103906-04
box has two 3c905 cards using IRQ 10 and 12, no FULL_DUPLEX.

Thanks for any tips,


1. 3com 3c905 tx vs 3c905-CX-TX

Hi all,

Did you have any trouble between this two interfaces? I mean, performance
differencies ?
I have a Linux cluster and I change network cards from 905TX to 905CX-TX
with slowdown network performances results.
I tried to recompile 3c509x drivers with no results, anyone knows something
about it?

Thank you


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