How to have 2 component NIS+ domain emulate one component NIS domain?

How to have 2 component NIS+ domain emulate one component NIS domain?

Post by Jim Sma » Sat, 19 Oct 2002 05:48:16

Is there a way to have a two component NIS+ domain emulate a one
component NIS domain?

e.g.  If my NIS+ domain is:
and my NIS domain is:  nisdom

Can I have my NIS+ server serve nisdom in NIS compatibility mode?  (ie
 It would server and nisdom in NIS compatibility mode)

This trick is possible in NIS by using symlinks in /var/yp.  I was
wondering if it's also possible using some trick in NIS+...

<> Jim


1. One component NIS+ domain

I am transitioning a domain from NIS to NIS+.  The NIS domain is a
single component (ie nisdom).  I want to setup NIS+ with NIS
compatibility.  However, in order for the compatibility to work, the
NIS+ domain would also have to be nisdom.  If I use the nisserver
script (preferred for 7+) it complains that nisdom is invalid and that
a NIS+ domain must have two components (ie

However, if I look at nisinit and nissetup, they do not impose this
restriction.  Is there any reason a NIS+ domain must be two components
or is this just a preference in nisserver?  I looked at nisserver and
this is just a check that the script performs...

FYI - I can not use LDAP as secure LDAP is only supported in Solaris
9, and all the machines I need to support are running Solaris 2.6, 7,
and 8.

Thanks in Advance for any help or suggestions,
   <> Jim

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