3270 client

3270 client

Post by Richard L. Hamilt » Fri, 02 Mar 2001 01:59:26

Quote:> Hi

> I am looking for a 3270 tcp/ip client for Solaris (sparc). Any idea where
> I can find one?

See the x3270 home page,

ftp> get |fortune
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I have a hllapi program that I'm trying to port to Solaris 2.5 that works
on other unix platforms, but fails miserably under Solaris Sunlink Client 3270.
When my program accesses the extended attributes (EAs) it gets junk.
I use set session parameters and set "EAB".  I don't know if this product just
has problems with 3270 emulation or if there are other flags I need to set.
Anyone have any experience with this?  This product is actually OEM'd by
Sun from CNT/Brixton so any similar experience with those products would be

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