Help needed - solaris' sendmail don't like me

Help needed - solaris' sendmail don't like me

Post by fl.. » Fri, 05 May 1995 04:00:00

        Is sendmail that came with solaris 2.2 broken?  We have a few
sparcs in the office, and mail don't seem to like to work on 3 of
them.  I've ftped the sendmail binary from the 4th sparc onto one of
the other 3, and when I restart it, it'll work.  For a day or so.
Then it won't work again.  I used to get this error:

Connected to

Quote:>>> HELO xxx.

<<< 553 xxx. host name configuration error

        After I ftped the new binary over, when sendmail decides not
to work, it won't even give me a message notifying me of the error.
        Also, I can't seem to delete mail that I've read.  Even when I
su (then, it tells me can only delete mail as owner).  The error I get

mail: Cannot open savefile
%ls -al /var/mail/tai
-rwxrwxrwx   1 tai      root        1514 Apr 29 22:24 /var/mail/tai

        Can some solaris/sendmail gods help?

ps: Yes, I'm going to get the real sendmail, but gcc's not fully
installed right now, and I would like to get mail working first.
pps:  Please tell me this problem is fixable?


1. Pls help: 'efax' and 'diald' don't quite get along


I just moved my fax over to the Linux box (from Win '95), and efax was what
I chose to install.

I did some test faxen, and they were received and printed perfectly.

My problem is that I use diald to demand-dial when I need a connection to
my ISP (that works fine, too) and 'efax' doesn't seem to work properly re:
lock files.

In my diald configuration, I told it to use 'lock', so whenever it tries to
bring up the IP layer, it writes a file: '/var/lock/LCK..cua1'.  I also
told efax that it needs to share and lock, with the '-s -x
/var/lock/LCK..cua1' options.

The problem is that with efax running, the /var/lock/LCK..cua1 file exists
so diald never is able to run.  For now I'm running wo/  the -x option to
efax, but (obviously) there are big problems with this.  According to the
efax docs, it will not write the lock file when the -s option is given -
yet it seems to!

Any help would be appreciated,
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