svr4 slip

svr4 slip

Post by Philip Bro » Thu, 19 May 1994 04:28:37

I have noted that a svr4 slip src package is available from

however.. from a solaris standpoint, it seems to be missing a few things.

namely, there is no define for "SLIPM_ID", and there is no

  struct ifstat

defined anywhere.

Has anyone ported this, or can you help me with "struct ifstat"?
I presume "SLIPM_ID" can be arbitrarily defined to something. It is only
used for logging, and in a "struct module_info"


1. SVR4.2: SLIP capable??

Hi, guys.

Just a little quickie....

For some reason, I am under the impression that SVR4.2 implements the
serial line management as part of the overall networking system.

In other words, according to the way you have configured your target
system connections in your networking setup, SVR4.2  will automatically
use TCP/IP  on an ethernet, SLIP through a serial port or UUCP through
a serial port when connecting to the selected system.

Is this correct?

Or does SVR4.2 only have TCP/IP for ethernet and UUCP for serial lines,
so that SLIP (or PPP) is an separate application supplied by the user?



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