Reading ANSI formatted DAT tapes

Reading ANSI formatted DAT tapes

Post by Andrew McLe » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for a program to read ANSI labeled (DAT) tapes on a Sun
running Solaris.  I tried compiling ansitape obtained from, a BSD era program, but it did not seem to work.  It
told me I did not have permission to access the tape drive, when dd
had no problems at all.

This is very frustrating, ANSI labelled tapes have been around for
over 20 years, surely someone else has wanted to read one, or am I
missing something obvious.

And yes you guessed it, I want to transfer data from a VAX system to a

Any ideas gratefully received.

- Andrew

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I have both:
WANGTEK   Model: 6130-HS           Rev: 4G16
HP        Model: C1533A            Rev: 9503

Neither unit can read tapes created by the other machine. Is there a way
to create tapes that can be read by both machines?

I use a program called TAPEDISK in DOS and Windows. Tapes created on
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BTW, is there a program similar to DOS TAPEDISK in the UNIX world?
TAPEDISK makes a tape drive appear to be one large harddisk.

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