Applying Solaris 10 patches during Jumpstart

Applying Solaris 10 patches during Jumpstart

Post by Gary Mill » Mon, 06 Jun 2005 10:06:16

If you are doing network installs of Solaris 10 machines, you may
be interested a procedure that I've developed.  As the last step
in the finish script, it uses `smpatch' to analyze the target
machine and download patches.  During the reboot, it applies the
patches and does a second reboot.  I'm quite pleased with the

Source and instructions are available at:

Look for `js-apply-patches.tar.Z'.  The tar file unpacks into the
current directory.

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1. Solaris 10: Disabling services (svcs) during jumpstart?

In the past, to disable services and init scripts during a Jumpstart
build, one would just have to include a simple line in the finish
scripts such as:

mv -f /a/etc/rc2.d/S71rpc /a/etc/rc2.d/s71rpc

etc, etc.

With Solaris 10, many (but yes, not all) of what was in the rc
directories have been moved into the Service Management Facility which
is administered with svcadm(1M).

I'd like to continue to disable services via the finish script, but as I
sit down to fashion one for Solaris 10, I realize that it's not as
straight-forward as it used to be. For instance, how does one tell
svcadm to distinguish between the jumpstart miniroot and the
installation you really want to act on, which is mounted on /a ?

I'd like to stick to using svcadm(1M) for doing this, but if it means
mucking around in some directory under /a, then so be it.

Any ideas?


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