Join the RFE for allowing port 80 as non-priv

Join the RFE for allowing port 80 as non-priv

Post by Philip Bro » Sat, 18 Oct 2003 05:55:25

I have gotten an RFE filed to allow those who wish to use ndd or
equivalent, to lift the root restriction for port 80.

(for example, someting like
  ndd /dev/tcp -set tcp_add nonpriv_port 80  )

Those wishing to improve their security on corporate systems, by never
having to give out root access to their web application admins, should
get your sun service contract linked to RFE #4931031

If you do, please also drop me an email, so I know to check back with sun
when a decent amount of people are linked to it.

note the anti-spam-mangled addr.

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I'm trying to get a new SUN Intranet server up.  Whenever I start Netscape
Enterprise server on port 80 as user webman (who doesn't belong to group 0
or nobody) and try to access a page, my Netscape browser seems to go into
an infinite loop of Connect/Tyring To Contact messages.

If I choose port 81, 7999, or 8000, everything is fine.

If I start the server as root or nobody everything is fine.

What's going on?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Please e-mail me any suggestions.


John M. Kimball                         SDRC

Web:  Milford, Ohio 45150

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