Sun license manager...1%cpu...1%cpu...50%cpu50%cpu50%cpu....

Sun license manager...1%cpu...1%cpu...50%cpu50%cpu50%cpu....

Post by Scott D. MacK » Wed, 08 Nov 1995 04:00:00

    Is there a patch to fix this problem: Once and a while, the license manager
lmgrd.ste will peg a CPU (2 in this box) with activity.  It still manages the licenses
and can still receive lm messages (reread, shutdown).  This seems to happen, I have
noticed, if I ^C a compiler which is starting up.  When it goes down and I invoke it
again, it gives those annoying "socket in use" messages.  It eventually comes
completely up, but is not services licenses for those 5 minutes it complains
about sockets.  Any workarounds?


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1. Binding Oracle to two CPU's in a four CPU Sun Solaris 8 system........


Does anyone have an example of binding an Oracle server (we are using
8.1.7 standard edition)
to two CPU's on a four CPU system.

Background. We have an E450 which we have installed Oracle on, this
system has 4 CPU's. I
wish to only allow Oracle to use two of these for it's processes, the
remaining two I wish to be
left alone. These other two I will use for Ingres.

The system is running Solaris 8 01/01

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

I am guessing you use the Solaris pbind command.... (I have never used
it though)

Or is there any internal Oracle commands that can be used in the
start-up scripts?




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