Failed PPP under Solaris 2.5.1 x86

Failed PPP under Solaris 2.5.1 x86

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>Hey, I've got Solaris 2.5.1 x86 up, and the PPP is pooping out.
>        I've got mt system configured as per the PPP tutorials available
>on Stokely consulting's site (, and my
>machine will dial on demand, log into teh remote server, and start PPP.  
>However, after starting PPP on the remote machine, it sits for a minute,
>and then a message stating that the "maximum number of configure requests
>has been exceeded" shows up in the log and the phone hangs up.  my ISP
>does not use any authentication beyond the initial terminal login, and
>dynamically allocates IP addresses.  Their end is supposed to choose
>compression based on my end, and I have nothing about compression in my
> file.  So I'm wondering: which end is the problem really on?  
>Can I increase these "configure requests" to give it more time to sync?  
>What exactly are "configure requests"?  What is it trying to configure?

Set the debug level to nine so you can actually see the packets transfered.
There is a step by step explanation of this procedure in Celeste's site under
SUN TIPS.  using tail -f /etc/log/asppp.log under a seperate window to the
connection window you can view the transfer dynamically.

(Apologies if you have already tried this)

If you login okay and then just see ten requests going out with nothing back
then possibly one of two things are happening:

Your server is down

or despite the fact that you logged in you are not now communicating with the
server, but bouncing the messages back to yourself.

I managed to do this by entering the name of the interface device into the
/etc/defaultrouter  file after misreading the instructions. It should
actually contain the address of far site. Obvious with hindsight, but it did
cause just the effect you describe.

I still got a similar problem until I looked again at the /etc/ file,

My entry contained:

ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb "my host name" "my isp name" up

But since I knew I would be using dynamic address allocation I left "my host
name" as default in the hosts file ( Since this is the loopback
address I guess it injected some fun into the link. In the ifconfig line you
must assign an IP address, I did it directly:

ifconfig ipdptp plumb "my isp address" up

The address in meaningless, it is overwritten as soon as you connect.

That worked for me.



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