NIC x86

NIC x86

Post by Zafa » Sat, 06 Oct 2001 05:05:41

 I have Linksys HCL for Solaris 8 (07/01). But still having the
problem and not detecting and even I changed all the manual
configurations also and not succeeded. Can anyone give me the exact
Network Card Manufacture and Model no.

1. 3c982 dual port nic on Solaris 9 x86

I have the above configuration set up, but Solaris doesn't seem to
want to receive on port A of the NIC, while port B works fine.  For a
while after I set up the system, both ports worked fine- however
something must have gotten tangled up.  Both ports are known good,
I've even swapped another 3c982 in, and got the same results.

I've tried removing the device files, reconfiguring and replumbing
both interfaces- port B keeps working fine, and I do get arp requests
out of port A- but snoop doesn't show anything coming back in.  Link
and activity lights are normal on both ports.

I'm hoping someone might have a neato hint for something to try before
I figure the configuration is insane and switch to a pair of other

Thanks for any help,


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