HOW to install Solaris 1.1 or 2.3 on SparcBook2?

HOW to install Solaris 1.1 or 2.3 on SparcBook2?

Post by BSD Bob the old greybeard BSD frea » Wed, 10 Jan 2001 01:19:30

Sadly, my old sparcbook2 seems to be developing some boot problems,
and I may need to reinstall Solaris 1.1 or 2.3 (the ONLY versions,
which are custom versions, that run on this machine) off cdrom.
Alas, all my docs for the critter have gone somewhere, but that
where is not where I can find them.....(:+{{...  I found a few
notes for netbooting, but not for cdbooting the install.

Anyone remember the correct cd-booting incantation for a SparcBook2?
It is not the same as the usual Solaris.  I can get it to find the
cd and the cdrom, but I can't get it to find a kernel.  From the
rom boot menu, answering what is default of

3 0 /vmunix        boots the usual ID3 HD.

6 0 /vmunix        does nothing except poll the cd returning that the
                   file is not found, but it does indicate the cd and
                   cdrom are fine.

6  autodefault followed by prompt for /vmunix does nothing as above.

The layout of the CD has two trees at the root level that contain
the SparcBook2 software...a) /OS, and b) /SPARCbook2OS, but
I don't find anything that looks like a proper install kernel.
I tried booting off the munix that was there, but that did nothing.
So, it would appear that vmunix or munix is not what is required.
Close, but not quite....

IFF anyone has SparcBook2 manuals handy that can look up that
boot incantation for me, I would be most appreciative.  It can
be for either the Solaris 1.1B11 or 2.3A2.