Packages and Zones

Packages and Zones

Post by Thomas Muder » Fri, 25 Mar 2005 20:21:47


I have the following problem:
I have a selfmade package which also includes a preinstall and a
postinstall script. If there are zones set up on the machine (Sol 10 GA
x86) and I install the package, the scripts are executed in each zone;
that's how it should be (as for my understanding...).

But when I install a new zone after the installation of the package, the
scripts are NOT executed in the new zone before and after installation
of the package, which leads to the package being non-working and I have
to do those steps manually. But actually my point in creating a package
is that I DON'T have to do this manually.
Can someone confirm this, or maybe is it already a known bug?

best regards,


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How does one install software/packages in a zone? Particularly in
/usr/local when that filesystem is read-only?

I wanted my zone to have a samba instance, so I installed sun freeware
samba (and dependant packages) in the global zone, they were installed
to my non-global zone by default, but when I went to edit my smb.conf
in my non-global zone - it was a read-only filesystem!

Since a lot of software requires conf files, that will be different
from zone to zone, what is the best way to deal w/ this?

For non-global zones, is it best to compile source for software needing
separate configuration, installing it to a pseudo /usr/local - e.g. a
writable fs? Or is there some method to isolate packages (or just their
conf files) from one zone to the next?


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