Solaris 2.1: elx-driver (x86) bug???????

Solaris 2.1: elx-driver (x86) bug???????

Post by Ragnvald T. Blindhe » Tue, 19 Apr 1994 19:20:40

I have developed a program using DLPI to get low level access
to the network.  The program was developed using a WD SMC 8013
network adapter.  The program puts the network adapter in promisc.
mode, and catches all packets on the net.
Today, I tried to use the program on a machine with 3COM Etherlink
III 579 network adapter, and it would not work!!
The adapter only catches very few packets from the net (when
in promisc. mode).
(the man-page says the elx driver is supposed to support the same
STREAMS-functionality as the smc-driver)

To try to find out what the problem was, I got the DLPI-examples
from Neil Nuckolls.  When I tried 'dlrcv -p /dev/elx 0 0', I
experienced the same problem: only a fraction of the packets
*really* on the net, got cougth.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem?
Are there any known bugs/problems with the elx-driver?

All help really appreciated.



Utleirveien 6
7033 Trondheim


1. c compiler bug, Solaris 2.1 x86

below is a piece of c-code that when compiled wich -g -c (not just -c)
generates the error, shown below the code.

i believe there is a patch for compiler bugs.
could anyone with the patch check whether this bug is known and fixed?

thanks for any info


----- code here ----
struct point {
 int x, y;

struct rect {
  struct point a, b;

struct rect f();

void g() {
  int x,y;
  struct rect *r;
  y = f(x+r->a.x).a.y;
----- end of code, error below ----
cc -g -c test.c
null: cnt=0 len=1
Error was severe.  Aborting...

cc: codegen failed for test.c

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