Solaris 2.3 asppp to Centrum ppp, please help

Solaris 2.3 asppp to Centrum ppp, please help

Post by Ernesto Neb » Fri, 17 Feb 1995 16:39:43


I'm trying to use asppp provided with Solaris 2.3 to connect a SPARC
IPX with a modem to a SPARC 1 on a TCP/IP network, connecting through
a Centrum router/bridge running ppp.  I'm using a Practical
Peripherals PM144MT II modem.  I've followed the Answerbook
instructions, but the login script fails, saying I have entered an
invalid user name (I have verified that the user name and password to
the Centrum are correct).  If you have any experience with this and
would like to help me, I would appreciate it greatly.

I have summarized the relevant information below.  For this test, I
tried executing "ping nebelsparc" on machine inch.  ("inch" is the IPX
running asppp with the modem, "nebelsparc" is the SPARC 1 on the
network, and "Centrum_terminal_server" is the Centrum box running ppp
that gives access to the network.  The Centrum is used successfully
for connections from PC's.)  I've tried several variations in
the /etc/uucp/Systems file, with no luck.  I've also installed patches
101331-03 and 101425-03.

Thank you very much for any help you can give me.


Ernesto Nebel

PS: I've changed the actual phone number, username, and password in
the text below.

21:13:46 Link manager (75) started 02/15/95
21:13:46 parse_config_file: Successful configuration
21:17:39 process_ipd_msg: ipdptp0 needs connection
Trying entry from '/etc/uucp/Systems' - device type ACU,g.
Protocol = g
Device Type ACU wanted
Protocol = g
Trying device entry 'cua/a' from '/etc/uucp/Devices'.
processdev: calling setdevcfg(ppp, ACU)
fd_mklock: ok
fixline(8, 38400)
gdial(pp32bis) called
Trying caller script 'pp32bis' from '/etc/uucp/Dialers'.
expect: ("")
got it
sendthem (APAUSE
expect: (OK^M)
ATL0^M^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (APAUSE
TDT5551212^M<NO CR>)
expect: (CONNECT 38400^M)
^JATDT5551212^M^M^JCONNECT 38400^Mgot it
getto ret 8
expect: ("")
got it
sendthem (^J^M)
expect: (ogin:)
^J^M^M^JXsoft San Diego--Unauthorized use forbidden by law!!!^M^M^J^J^MLogin:got it
sendthem (myname^J<NO CR>)
expect: (ord:)
myname^M^J^MPassWord:got it
sendthem (mypass^J<NO CR>)
expect: (>)
^J^MYou have entered an invalid user name^J^MLogin:timed out
close caller (8)
delock line (cua/a)

ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb inch Centrum_terminal_server up
        interface ipdptp0
        peer_system_name Centrum_terminal_server
        inactivity_timeout 300
        debug_level 9

Checking ipdptp0:
# ifconfig ipdptp0
        inet --> netmask fffffc00
        ether 0:0:0:0:0:0

TCP,et - - Any TCP -
ACU,g cua/a - 38400 pp32bis

pp32bis =W-,    "" A\pTL0 OK\r A\pTDT\T\r\c CONNECT\s38400\r

Centrum_terminal_server Any ACU,g 38400 5551212 "" \n ogin: myname\n\c ord: mypass\n\c > ppp\n\c

----------       localhost       loghost  inch   nebelsparc  Centrum_terminal_server



Administration Tool, Serial Port Manager settings
Port: a
Service: Enabled
Baud Rate: 38400E
Terminal type: vt100
Options: Initialize Only
Login Prompt: login:
Comment: Modem - Dial-Out Only
Service Tag: ttya
Port Monitor Tag: zsmon
Expert Options: Create utmp entry
Service: /usr/bin/login
Streams Modules: ldterm, ttcompat
Timeout (secs): Never


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