looking for sendmail.cf for mail host

looking for sendmail.cf for mail host

Post by Richard Colem » Fri, 24 Mar 1995 07:10:11

I'm in the process of replacing the sendmail on
our mail host (Solaris 2.4) with Berkeley sendmail
8.6.11 using bind 4.9.3.  I'm looking for a
sendmail.cf to use with it.  Our setup is so canonical
that someone must have a version of the sendmail.cf
that does what we need:

1) All our clients pass mail to this machine
2) This machine should deliver it if local
   (this is the location of the mail spool) or
   pass it to our institute mail relay machine if
   not local.
3) It should accept mail for all the machines in
   our department and put it in our mail spool.
4) All outgoing mail should masquerade as being
   from the mail host.

If anyone has a sendmail.cf that is close to this, I
would appreciate a copy.  I can do minor changes, but
I'm not ready to write my own from scratch.

Richard Coleman

System Administrator
School of Mathematics
Georiga Tech