mail to X.400 address via UUCP->SMTP->X.400

mail to X.400 address via UUCP->SMTP->X.400

Post by Willard Daws » Sat, 24 Jul 1993 00:47:58

I'm attempting to send email to an X.400 address, using an SMTP->X.400
gateway system we maintain here at BSAN.  I'd like to be able to send
mail to these X.400 address from my UUCP-connected system at home, but
I cannot.

Mail to the X.400 address from my Sun (Solaris 2.1) does work:

... where touch is a LOCAL system.

However, if I send to:


... from my Waffle box, I get the following bounce message:

: From root  Thu Jul 22 11:28:56 1993 remote from hobbes
: Received: by hobbes (5.0/SMI-SVR4)
:         id AA07921; Thu, 22 Jul 93 11:28:56 EDT
: Date: Thu, 22 Jul 93 11:28:56 EDT
: From: hobbes!root (0000-Admin(0000))

: Content-Type: text
: Content-Length: 164
: Apparently-To: willard!dawson
: remote execution        [uucp job willard51169 (7/22-11:28:53)]
:         rmail /S=durand/G=thomas/C=us/O=bsan/ADMD=bellsouth/
: file access denied to willard!dawson

So, apparently I've gotta do something special to make rmail accept this
form of addressing.  Any hints as to what flags I should set in my, or otherwise?
Willard Dawson, BellSouth Advanced Networks, 1000 Holcomb Woods Pkwy Ste 412
Atlanta, GA  30076, Voice: +1 404 594 6737, UUCP: kd4nc!vdbsan!wdawson


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