snmp solaris managment

snmp solaris managment

Post by comatos » Mon, 26 Jul 1999 04:00:00

anyone have anything on how to manage solaris using snmp?

1. pkg-get and solaris managment console


I've intalled Solaris 10 beta recently.
Now I'm trying to configure and I encounter some
unexpected problems. Before I've installed Sol x86 9
and it??was?ok,?but?now.

1. I can't start Solaris Managment Console server
- I've installed whole "distro" and I'm sure
that required packages are installed (I checked it with pkginfo)

2.before I used to use pkg-get but now I've installed and get into troubles
it tries to download from (or similar site) but not from
site specified in pkg-get config file, I'm pretty confused :(.

I would be grateful for any help, thanks.


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