Best way to spool and filter print jobs for remote printer?

Best way to spool and filter print jobs for remote printer?

Post by Kyler Lai » Mon, 08 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have a non-PostScript printer* off of a PC.
I can use ghostscript on my Solaris host to convert
PS documents so that they will print on this printer.
The PC is running lpd.

Now...I want to set up my Solaris host so that it has
a print spool for this remote printer.  I want this
so that I can drop in ghostscript as a print filter.

One way that I see to do this is by setting up the
print filter so that it redirects its output to
        lpr -l -P pcprinter

This is the method I'm currently pursuing, but it
seems like there should be something cleaner.  For
example, being able to specify a command as the
printer's "port" would be great.

Am I missing an obvious way to do this?

Thank you.



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I've set up our 3.2.5 AIX box to print to some remote laser printers,
in /etc/qconfig.  But printing a standard UNIX file like /etc/motd
results in no carriage returns - just line feeds - and only the
first line comes out on the print out.  Can anyone tell me
where/how to put in a filter to insert CRs?

thanks in advance

/etc/qconfig entry:
        device = tawap3
        up = TRUE
        host =
        s_statfilter = /usr/lpd/aixshort
        l_statfilter = /usr/lpd/aixlong
        rq = lp
        backend = /usr/lpd/rembak

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