Post by MD MACGREG » Thu, 26 May 1994 19:47:35

I've set up CAP60 on a Solaris2.2 server and was printing ps happily to a
Native Ethertalk apple laserwriter for a few weeks, now I can't print. Status tells me:

        queueing is enabled
        printing is enabled
        1 entry in spool area
        waiting for csam_staff to become ready (offline?)

I can't get rid of the last line. Printer is printing Mac stuff happily.
I've tried every option under lpc, lpshut, checked all (I think) of the admin
files. No joy, any ideas?

When it was printing I could not make a Sol2.2 dataless client a print client
of the server, although I could make it a print client of a bsd Sol1 print
server! Any one else encountered this?

Malcolm Macgregor



Oh knowledgable ones,
      I have been trying to compile Columbia Appletalk Protocol (pl198)
on a couple of machines and I keep getting the same error.

abelap.c: In function `sendmsg':
abelap.c:475: argument `msg' doesn't match prototype
/usr/include/sys/socket.h:356: prototype declaration
abelap.c:491: warning: passing arg 5 of `sendto' from incompatible
pointer type
abelap.c: In function `recvmsg':
abelap.c:508: warning: passing arg 5 of `recvfrom' from incompatible
pointer type

there always seems to be a problem with socket.h  even with other files.

Does anyone have CAP60 compiling on these versions of solaris?

Stephen Baird
Children's Hospital
Ottawa, Canada

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