Installing Solaris 7 and want to keep Windows 95 -- Help!!

Installing Solaris 7 and want to keep Windows 95 -- Help!!

Post by wkdossanto » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I just received Solaris 7 and I'm preparing to install.  I have a
96MB/6.0GBHD Pentium 233.  Now, I have installed Windows 95 taking up
about 3GB and I plan to install S7 and not loose my current installation
(to reinstall win95 and all the development stuff will take hours).
Have anyone tried doing this, if so how do I go about doing so?  If
anyone could help that would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



1. Can I Install Linux and Keep Windows 95?

 [ not a great deal! ]
Yes, you have a couple of alternatives.

1. If you have all your HD space dedicated to Win95, you can
use a partition resizing program like Partition Magic
or Fips to resize you Win95 FAT partition, and install linux on
a partition made from the free space created, or

2. Install
linux onto the Win95 FAT partition using umsdos ( a unix like
filesystem on top of FAT).  This is not recommended.

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