CDROM problem (x86) on NASA's CDROM

CDROM problem (x86) on NASA's CDROM

Post by Kenji Okamo » Thu, 14 Dec 1995 04:00:00

A while ago, I reported a problem to read CDROMs from NASA (VICAR formatted),
such as for Magellan, Voyager etc, which uses XAR(Extended Attribute
Records) format.  I have no problem on those CDROM drives to read other
than those NASA's CDROMs.

I applied up to DU8 drivers patch to my Solaris.  I have two Solaris
box for X86 and one for SPARC.  In the case of SPARC, there are no
problems.  In the case of for X86, I'm experiencing those problem for:

case 1)  SIS chip based Pentium-100 with on board 2940 (version 1.1).
         cdrom: Toshiba 5301 (quad speed)

case 2) Neptune chip set based Pentium-90 with 53C810 chip scsi HBA.
         cdrom: Toshiba 3401B (double speed)

Above CDROM drivers are set as 2048 byte sector (block size change does
not be functinable on those drives, yes, I're tried).

In the case of SPARC Solaris 2.3, I put two lines in /etc/system file,
      set hsfs:ide_prohibited=0xe6
      set hsfs:hde_prohibited=0xe6.

It solves all the problem.   However, in the case of X86 version solaris,
it does not.  

I think it's because of the difference of block sizes of the CDROM driver,
2048 bytes for X86, but 512 for SPARC, because I can read a file properly
once a four trial of sequential different files.  :-)  

Then, I changed the CDROM drive from Toshiba XM-5301B to Sun's
512 byte sector drive (actually, Sony CDU-8012).   After this, I
have no problems on reading above NASA's (actually VICAR's) CDROM.  


I'm confirmed that it caused by the difference of block size between
PC's cdrom drive and Sun's cdrom drive.   How I can fix this.

I desperately need **FIX** for this **BUG**.



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