Unix virgins revenge.....

Unix virgins revenge.....

Post by GFor6677 » Tue, 06 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Yes back again,
Thanks to Charles Stephens I have had a HUGE kudos injection at work. Managed
to conjure a whizzo little menu script for looking up I.P.`s/hostnames from the
central hosts file. Next question...
Some kind of Hewlett Packard software on our unix system to keep track of
printers and aliases for said printers. (This apart from the entry in the hosts
file). Found a reference to a database: BOOTP/TFPT ???  Can I get entries from
this like I do with the 'getent' command ?. Ring any bells ?

(Can I have an e-mail as well please) Thanks guys.


1. I'm angry at my arrogant Unix professor and want revenge...

I'm in and advanced UNIX class, that has proven to be nothing more than
how to memorize all the commands and their switches.  We will not learn
how to manage a UNIX enterprise, conduct system backups, configure,
install, or otherwise do ANYTHING as root.  Bitterly disappointing.

Anyway, I asked her if I could do my presentation/project on Linux, and
her response was
"that's not unix..."
I challenged with
"why not, becuase it's FREE??
Big companies like the one you work for CAN'T MAKE ANY MONEY OFF IT????
She countered with:
"can you multithread processes?"
I said I'd check it out.  From some of the posts here, I think I'm in
the right place.
What is multithreading?
Can Linux do that?
Is it in development?

Please mail me as well as posting this, becuase I try not to clog up the
system and disturb the experts with my feeble questions.


Fred Wissing

Better leave that thing alone freddy.....

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