TCP/IP Printer setup

TCP/IP Printer setup

Post by Dan Richte » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

How to configure HP Laser Jet 4V/4MV (postscript) printer ?
IP address and printer name in /etc/hosts is setup already.
Your help would be appreciated.


1. TCP/IP Printer Setup

Hi, I am relatively new to the printing side of AIX 4.3.1. Currently we have
three serial line printers connected to a Xyplex terminal server. I would
like to get rid of the Xyplex unit all together and just hook up either
Intel or HP print servers to the serial printers and connect to them through
TCP/IP. Basically my two questions are; Which print server have you had
better luck with AIX? And where in smitty can I change the printer setup
from going to a port on the terminal server to going to the IP number of the
printer server? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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