Question: How to use NIS+ or NIS in a alread established Network

Question: How to use NIS+ or NIS in a alread established Network

Post by Stumieste » Fri, 14 Jul 2000 04:00:00

The trick here is to, not get the root server or any of the machines to
route for the already established domain.

I'm guessing I would have to change the domain name the boxes are runnin on
now to something
other than domain name currently in use.  An entirely new domain name where
the same names used
are not in this domain.

I have books but the books are not too clear on how to set one up.  The idea
is to setup the NIS network
so I don't have to keep creating the same users on each individual machine.
Plus NFS'ing the certain slices so the
machines can share the same programs without having multiple installs of the
same program on each machine.

I have good idea but to have someone who has first hand experience confirm
and give further guidance
would be of comfort.

Wetfeet, just keep getting wetter! !


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If anyone have try this combination please let me know if it work..

Here is my Question.  Again would it work if I have this combination:

One machine is NIS+ master server and the other is run NIS+ & NIS compatible mode as a slave for
NIS+ master server domain.

Any sugguestion will be appreciate

Thanks in advance

Yoom Nguyen


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