SS20/S2.4: suddenly, tape ops fail or cause hangs

SS20/S2.4: suddenly, tape ops fail or cause hangs

Post by Michael Hohmu » Mon, 10 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Environment: SS20 w/ Solaris 2.4, two tape drives: one Exabyte EXB-8200
8mm and one HP DDS-DC 4mm DAT.

All of a sudden, tape operations started failing with I/O errors,
mounted tapes sometimes don't get recognized (`mt' says "no tape
loaded or drive offline") and `tar' sometimes just hangs when writing,
apparently blocking in i/o wait, unkillable with "kill -9".  This
happens with both tape drives;  both drives used to work fine the day
before yesterday.

The main thing I've changed on the system in this timeframe is that
I've installed a SPARCprinter SBus card (SUNW,nvone0) attached to a
SPARCprinter, and NeWSprint 2.5B plus most of the available NeWSprint
2.5B patches.  Could this have anything to do with my tape trouble?

Here are some of the syslog messages I get:

Apr  8 22:12:51 pikas unix:  Disconnected command timeout for Target 5.0

Apr  8 22:12:51 pikas unix:  SCSI transport failed: reason 'timeout'
Apr  8 22:12:51 pikas unix: : giving up

Apr  8 22:23:25 pikas unix:  SCSI transport failed: reason 'incomple
Apr  8 22:23:25 pikas unix: te': giving up

Apr  8 22:24:26 pikas unix:  SCSI transport failed: reason 'incomple
Apr  8 22:24:29 pikas unix: te': retrying command

I've applied patch 102002-03 (SunOS 5.4: fixes to esp driver), but
that didn't help anything.

Any advice?  Thanks in advance,



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What is the SCSI ID of the tape drive? Your results are symptomatic of
an ID conflict with the boot disk, which is generally target 0.

Try setting the SCSI ID of the tape drive to 4, which is generally used
for tapes.

-   tony

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