1 * THKRJICLD-lp printing: Submitting ps file to network printers

1 * THKRJICLD-lp printing: Submitting ps file to network printers

Post by Ibaa UMAIL-exch3 » Thu, 23 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Greg, thanks again.

>I succeeded with the command "lp -d myprinter myfile" when I
>created another queue which directly points to the IP
>address of the printer and bypasses the printer server.

>It is hard to understand but it worked.

It's not hard to understand.  The print server you were trying
to print through was messing up your print jobs.

I've seen a post in this group that said their NT server was sending
a Ctrl-D to the printer before the print job, and that would prevent
the HP printer from recognizing the '%!' start of the Postscript code.
Maybe that's what was happening to you.




1. lp printing: Submitting ps file to network printers

The equivalent is:

  lp -d myprinter myfile

I can't find any direct equivalent to lpr's -l argument, but if
the Solaris print system is properly configured for the printer,
you don't need it.

If you want to explicitly tell the print system that the file is
postscript, then you would use:

  lp -d myprinter -T postscript myfile

But the Solaris 2.x print system will automatically detect a Postscript
file and perform any necessary filtering - as long as it's been configured
properly for the printer.

What type of printer is this, and how is it connected to the Solaris machine?
Does it support Postscript?  Are you running any special software to manage
the printer (such as HP's Jetadmin)?



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