autofs + wu-ftpd 2.4.2 guestgroup = errors?

autofs + wu-ftpd 2.4.2 guestgroup = errors?

Post by Chin Fa » Thu, 08 May 1997 04:00:00

I have been trying to setup autofs for our FTP guest accounts, where guest
is in the sense of wu-ftp guestgroup.

Having setup such with NFS exported, hard mounted file systems many times,
I don't think I am a novice anymore.  However, no matter what I do,
using statically linked ls or not, with freshly created dev files or not
(chmod 666 too), anytime I tried to do a dir (or even ls), the dreaded

425 Can't create data socket (,20): Bad file number. message

showed up.

Yes, I have all necessary dynamic libs available in the usr/lib in the
guestaccount, etc/passwd, etc/group, dev/*, and of course, a *statically
linked ls (which was verified to work using chroot on command line).
However, I could never get a directory listing.  The message comes from
the ftpd.c in wu-ftpd distribution.  I have hacked part of that code
already.  Before I spend more time on hacking the code again, I wonder
whether there is anything I should be aware of?

Any suggestions/hints are invited.  Please email or post.


Chin Fang


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I check out my ftpd, but can not find it in my system (slackware 96,
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instead. After typing
"build lnx", it built most of binaries, except the ftpd (wu-ftpd ? )

The following is the error message!

glob.c: In function 'matchdir':
glob.c:240:dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
make: *** [glob.c] Error 1

Anyone know how to fixed  it and install it  if after success?

Thank you!
Wesley Shih

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