Problems with Solaris 2.6 Installation

1. Solaris 2.6 (sparc) installation problem (minor)

There is an error in the postinstall script for the package SUNWxilmn
on the Solaris 2.6 (sparc) CD.

The error causes four files in the directory /usr/openwin/demo/xil/example2
to have incorrect symbolic links to files in /usr/openwin/demo/xil/example1.

To correct the links, do the following as root:

        cd /usr/openwin/demo/xil/example2
        rm -f brainscan.header example2.c window.c
        ln -s ../example1/
        ln -s ../example1/brainscan.header brainscan.header
        ln -s ../example1/example1.c       example2.c
        ln -s ../example1/window.c         window.c

This fix will not affect removing, installing, or patching SUNWxilmn.


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