X-server Timeout

X-server Timeout

Post by dmt » Sun, 13 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Hi folks,

Recently, I've encoutered this problem.

My users connect to a Sun Ultra 30 workstation via Exceed X-server on
WinNT PCs over the corporate network. We have other workstations (mainly
U10s) as well.

The problem is that, without any warning, the Ultra 30 starts taking a
long time to respond to X-server calls, resulting in some of my users
getting 'timed-out' - they are unable to start an X session directly
with the U30. The response time using telnet, FTP, rsh are all
unaffected. The other workstations are not affected.

Anyone has any suggestions? It's extrememly difficult to get any
downtime over here, so I would prefer 'live-system' solutions. We have
considered reinstalling the OS from scratch, but that would cost us at
least 2 hours of downtime, which is extrememly unacceptable!

I don't monitor this newsgroup regularly, so if anyone has any
suggestions, pls cc: a copy of your reply to my email address (remove
the obvious anti-spam part first!). Thank you!!!


1. Setting timeout on BootPD server (IP-adress timeout)

Hello everyone,

Ive got BootP succesfull running on a Linux Redhat 4.1 (kerlen 2.0.30)
server, providing the
IP's for over a 20 networking computer (including a Windows NT Server

But, when I look at the network traffic, I saw that the BootPD was
sending the IP-adresses over
and over again, every second !! I looked at the IP-timeout an my Win 95
system, and yes, after
getting the IP-adress, it immediatly has to get a new one (which
ofcourse is the same !!), because
it has reacht its timeout.
I tried to make the BootPD-server tell the machines that there may be a
timeout of 5 minutes, which
means that all computer will refresh its IP-adress every 5 minutes. But
I dont't know how !!

I have read the HOWTO's, the man-pages, even looked on the Web, but I
still don't know how to
do this. (Remark, the NT-server has a BootPB server where it is

Can anyone tell me if this is poosible, and if, how I make it work ??

Thanks in advance,

Ren de Haan,

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