need input on kernel jumbo patch for Solaris 2.3 (101318-70)

need input on kernel jumbo patch for Solaris 2.3 (101318-70)

Post by Jeff Smi » Sat, 08 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Is the latest version of the kernel jumbo patch (101318-70) stable?
What are people's experiences with it?  We only need the lockd fix
mentioned in BugID 117609, but no patch is available for just that.
Since this is our mail host we would like to be sure it's fairly stable
before we install it.

I will summarize any email replies to this group if desired.

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Smith
Purdue University Computing Center                      phone: 317-494-1787
222 Math-Science West Lafayette IN 47907-1408           fax: 317-494-0566


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experience the same thing. What's the deal?

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