Solaris 2.3 kernel variables

Solaris 2.3 kernel variables

Post by Jingwen Wa » Sun, 26 Dec 1993 07:19:13

    We have a program that tries to measure the paging rate as a load index.
To do this we read the information from the kernel. The information is
contained in the following data struct (defined in sys/sysinfo.h):

typedef struct cpu_vminfo {
        ulong   pgrec;          /* page reclaims (includes pageout)     */
        ulong   pgfrec;         /* page reclaims from free list         */
        ulong   pgin;           /* pageins                              */
        ulong   pgpgin;         /* pages paged in                       */
        ulong   pgout;          /* pageouts                             */
        ulong   pgpgout;        /* pages paged out                      */
        ulong   swapin;         /* swapins                              */
        ulong   pgswapin;       /* pages swapped in                     */
        ulong   swapout;        /* swapouts                             */
        ulong   pgswapout;      /* pages swapped out                    */
        ulong   zfod;           /* pages zero filled on demand          */
        ulong   dfree;          /* pages freed by daemon or auto        */
        ulong   scan;           /* pages examined by pageout daemon     */
        ulong   rev;            /* revolutions of the page daemon hand  */
        ulong   hat_fault;      /* minor page faults via hat_fault()    */
        ulong   as_fault;       /* minor page faults via as_fault()     */
        ulong   maj_fault;      /* major page faults                    */
        ulong   cow_fault;      /* copy-on-write faults                 */
        ulong   prot_fault;     /* protection faults                    */
        ulong   softlock;       /* faults due to software locking req   */
        ulong   kernel_asflt;   /* as_fault()s in kernel addr space     */
        ulong   pgrrun;         /* times pager scheduled                */

Quote:} cpu_vminfo_t;

    We tried to use "pgpgin + pgpgout + pgswapin + pgswapout".
However, the values we got are meaningless:
    o It does not change over time, no matter how we try to load the machine.
    o Every time we run this program, we got a different constant value.

    A typical output is:
    pgpgin=39401, pgpgout=302, pgswapin=0, pgswapout=0

    It never changes.

    Can someone help?


Jingwen Wang
U of Toronto



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