2.6 installtion for sparc 4

2.6 installtion for sparc 4

Post by Rog » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I've been on the Sun site and I haven't found a good guide for a basic
Solaris installation for Sparc using a basic cd rom.
I would like to read a HOW TO on the installation which would include
info about what information would be needed during the installation
and possibly the need to understand Suns fdisk or format utility- I'm
not sure which one they use.
I'm sure this will be easy ! but, I need to be prepared. The sun site
has been functioning poorly and many key pages are not displaying.


1. where to find WU-FTPD 2.6 for sparc-solaris 2.6 (binary)?

 hi all,
Can anyone tell me where can i find a binary of WU-ftpd version 2.6
for Sparc-solaris 2.6? I searched in sunfreewre and metalab.unc.edu but
I found only the 2.4 version.
 any help could be so appreciated.

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